The rationale and the diagnostics proposed by DynVarMIP are presented in Gerber and Manzini (2016).


The DynVarMIP collected enhanced diagnostics from Coupled Global Atmosphere, Ocean and Sea ice Models (e.g., climate models or AOGCMs) participating in the CMIP6, listed here. We’ve focused on models appropriate for capturing the stratosphere-troposphere system, i.e., which provide high vertical resolution and position the model top above the stratopause.


DynVarMIP targets the DECK experiments (AMIP, Pre-industrial control, abrupt4xCO2 and 1pctCO2), the CMIP6 historical, the high emission ScenarioMIP SSP8.5 experiments, and three Cloud Feedback Model Inctercomparison Project (CFMIP) experiments: amip-4xCO2, amipt-future4K, and amip-p4K. Data was also requested for select experiments within VolMIP, AerChemMIP, and HiResMIP, where there is overlap in scientific interest.


Dynvar has established a set of diagnostics (Gerber and Manzini, 2016) to enable a mechanistic approach to confront model biases and understand the underlying causes behind circulation changes.

Data Availability

DynVarMIP data are available as part of the CMIP6 dataset via the Earth System Grid Federation (ESGF) data portals. The information here list data that is currently available, based on an analysis of the ESGF in May 2021.