Atmospheric Circulation in a Changing Climate


22-25 October 2019

This four-day workshop was held at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, and summarized in the January 2020 SPARC newsletter (page 33). It was organized about two main science topics:

(1) The role of atmospheric dynamics in climate prediction and change. In particular, the DynVarMIP output request will allow for a first complete assessment of atmospheric momentum and heat transport in CMIP climate models, including the heat and momentum transport associated with subgrid scale boundary layer processes and parameterized gravity wave fluxes.

(2) Stratosphere-troposphere coupling and its role in surface weather predictability. The focus is on sub-seasonal to seasonal (S2S) timescales, where stratospheric processes appear to be important. A goal is to take advantage of ensemble hindcasts by the forecast systems within the S2S project.

The workshop brought together the climate change and seasonal prediction communities to focus on related questions, including, atmospheric teleconnections, blocking events, storm tracks dynamics, and interactions between the stratospheric polar vortex and the tropospheric jets. A specific aim was to organize analysis of the CMIP experiments, including the DynVarMIP diagnostic request, and of the S2S hindcast experiments. The workshop included discussion to facilitate coordination of future community papers.